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A place with random personal thoughts and fandom related stuff
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For the last two songs, the staging was back to the two movable stairs, but all the boys "ignored" them and were singing on the main stage. I remember at some point during Bang Bang!! though, Richard went alone to the top of the left stairs and he was later joined by Kôja. The two of them were randomly fooling around, like they were jumping from the left to the right stairs, or waving at the audience and basically not dancing at all.

And that pretty much sums up how the last two songs went. The boys were just jumping everywhere and nobody was really following any choreography. I clearly remember about Michieda and Takahashi Kyohei skipping around the stage holding each other by the shoulders, and Yuri and Shô at the left side in their own little world doing weird faces and laughing wholeheartedly. And watching them all made me incredibly overwhelmingly happy

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[Daigo x Ryûsei]


Ren made his entrance from the balcony that was on the right side of the stage dressed in white pants and in a white long-sleeved shirt. Just before he went backstage after Aiing, Daigo introduced Ren who then announced he would now show us what his future wedding would be like. (Why not, boy, why not xD)

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After the awesome Osaka medley, Tôma asked us to take our seats and welcome Joichiro, Richard and Ryûta who wanted to perform a skit for us. I have subbed the quiz and the MC part but I thought it probably wouldn't be that interesting to hear the skit without being able to see what they were actually doing on stage, so I have summed it up instead!

So the skit started with Ryûta asking us if our phones were switched off, or at least on silent mode so that they wouldn't ring during the show and distract them. and Richard both agreed that it was very important and we should do it now if not done already.

Just when they finished saying that, we heard a notification sound from Line which turned out to be coming from 's "phone". Ryûta scolded him for not doing what he was preaching, but wasn't listening to him as he was busy checking what the notification was about and then started to take random photos of the stage x)

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As I LOVE KinKi songs, I was deligthed to hear the first notes of Ai no katamari After Yuuki 100%, the younger boys left the stage and it was left in the dark. One by one, Ren, Bunichi, Tôma, Kôji, Ryûta, Daigo and Ryûsei came to the front of the stage, each from different sides. Daigo and Ryûsei were (sadly...) the only ones who didn't get a solo line, so they arrived from the two side balconies while Ryûta was singing. The seven of them were wearing white suits which made a nice contrasting effect with the dark surroundings.

It made an even better visual effect when a red curtain was drawn down behind them just after the chorus. They were dancing in line in front of it and I remember Ryûsei and Daigo were next to each other in the center and Tôma was on the right side from my seat. I remember their positions because well, Daigo, and because I was literally mesmerized by Tôma.

I can't even describe how COOL he was that evening. At first I thought it was Bunichi since I didn't remember Tôma being that blonde (I guess he dyed his hair after his last MaiJani recording day). His dancing, his expression, he was FLAWLESS. I remember jokingly thinking to myself "That must be because he knows his family his watching him". Little did I know that wasn't the only reason why he was really into it...

Needless to say I enjoyed that performance a lot The coolness of it was a bit destroyed by Bunichi at the end though as when they gathered in the middle of the stage to take the last pose, he kneeled down next to Ryûsei and took his hand to kiss it (which explains the kyatting at the end of the recording). Oh well, that was cute, so forgiven~

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I had started to write a "normal" concert report when I listened to my audio recording of the show once again, remembering how much fun it was and thought "This deserves more than just words."

So I changed my plans and decided that since I have recorded the show and since for once the quality is not too bad compared to my previous attempts, why not share the audios of the songs in addition to writing some personal comments? Hopefully it should be a bit more interesting than just text as well ^^

So, the whole thing is going to be divided into five posts: two for the songs before the talk part, one for the talk part (a skit by Joichiro, Ryûta and Richard, a Kansai Junior themed quizz and the MC), one for the second half of the show and a last post about the curtain calls, the reason why tears were shed and what happened until I left the venue.

By the way, I don't think it can be heard well through the recording but the audience that evening was the best
I think it was the first time I hear such warm and enthusiastic cheers throughout the whole show, which really surprised me in a very good way of course. Like I said in my introduction post, I didn't know it would be Tôma's last stage but this definitely is the kind of thing that made me think "Something special is going on tonight..."

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One post wasn't enough to contain my many many many feelings that need to be poured out so this first part is going to be kind of an introduction post. There are countless things I want to say regarding this concert, many details I want to be written down or else I will forget them, and of course I need to talk about Tôma, which I will mainly do in this post.

So, as mentioned in my previous one, on March 31st, after a 15 hours long trip from France and a 12 hours long night of sleep, I headed for the Shochiku-za theater in Osaka to attend the last performance of the Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Special Show 2015, aka the most emotionally intense Johnny's show I have ever attended so far.

I cried A LOT during SHOCK last year (I was literally sobbing out loud in my handkerchief throughout the second act both days) but I knew I would. This time, I was just like "Yay, I'm happy to go see the boys after so long! Let's have fun!" so my heart WAS NOT prepared for what actually happened that evening.

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Slightly belated greetings from 大阪

For this post, I will keep the writing part short as I have the following to share:

On a quick update, I enjoy my daily life very very much. I have two absolutely lovely roommates, and you can't even imagine how happy it makes me to take my bicycle to go to the nearby supermarket.

Although I've sorted out most of my (not so enjoyable...) administrative problems, I still have a few things to settle, like going to the post office to pay for the internet fee as I definitely don't want it to be taken from me ever again. And while I'll be at it, I think I will also apply for Ebi concerts in Osaka in June :3

Speaking about Ebi, I bought my advance ticket for Totsu's movie Koi suru♡vampire the other day, so that's on my list for late April/early May!

As for the Kansai Jr. concert report, I actually haven't finished writing it yet ^_^;)> I promise it will be up by the end of next week as class will start from Monday and I should be quite busy then...I know the concert was already a week ago, but please bear with me a little more~
Hi there~
Does anyone even remember about me...?

Aaaand once again it's been quite a long time since my last update ^_^;)>

Well what can I say, a lot have happened and I don't only mean since my last post. Actually, over the past two years, my life has basically been a rollercoaster of emotions from overwhelming happiness to sadness I thought I would never recover from. I'm still not ready to talk about the one particular event that led to me feeling really down for two long years, not even to persons who are close to me, but a few things that happened recently around me have motivated me to write some of my thoughts down today.

So after countless sleepless nights and one or two a million is probably more accurate tears shed, here I am.

I have never really been the kind of person who likes to talk to others when I'm feeling down. I prefer to stay alone and wait until I feel better again. But this time, it's just not working. So I thought maybe I should just go and do something I usually wouldn't and share how I feel through this post. I'm not expecting sympathy or anything though. I mean we all have our own problems and some of you are probably going through a tougher time than me. But in hope to finally move on with my life, I feel like this has to be done. I'm not sure how it's going to end, I don't even know exactly what I want to say but well, let's do it~

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Drama: SHARK (English subbed)

SHARK is a five-member rock band who is waiting to make its debut. They were discovered by Komatsu Ichika (played by Yamashita Rio) who has recently joined the Development Department of the record company Wonder Record. But one day, their charismatic vocalist Kitagawa Kazuki (played by Fujii Ryûsei) dies in a motorcycle accident.

It's been a year since Kazuki died. Hagiwara Kai (played by Hamada Takahiro) is now the frontman. With Adachi Teppei (played by Kamiyama Tomohiro), Ryûzaki Ayumu (played by Matsumura Hokuto) and Satomi Kenzou (played by Iwamoto Hikaru), the four original members are still performing even if they have lost most of their fans.

Ichika thinks SHARK may have a new chance to debut if she can find a new vocalist to replace Kai as the frontman so she wants to find one by all means. During the wedding party of her colleague Miku (played by Mano Erina), Ichika meets by chance a young boy called Kurata Mizuki (played by Hirano Shô).

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Aired from 2014, January 11th to March 30th

Episode 1
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Episode 3
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Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
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Episode 11
Episode 12

I'm not an English nor a Japanese native speaker. Although I tried my best to avoid any mistake/misunderstanding, I apologize if you still find some.
Don't hesitate to comment if you have any kind of feedback on my work or if there's anything wrong with a link.
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